First and foremost, we are strategists. We listen to your needs and understand your challenges. We analyze every aspect of your business — from the inside out. We exercise strategic innovation in every project we manage, from reviving old equities to developing an action plan to build a new business.

In every brand is a captivating story to be told. Our expertise lies in crafting that story. When told well, people listen. Let us shape and refine an idea into the perfect narrative that resonates and engages with your audience.

Whether brick and mortar, online, or direct to consumer, our extensive experience in all channels and retailers provides us with a rich understanding of exactly what motivates modern shoppers. Sound strategy along with deep knowledge of consumer behavior and flawless execution sets us apart. We not only take advantage of the way consumers reason and operate within the marketplace, but we actively take part in shaping it.

We formulate effective promotional campaigns that fit the unique needs of your brand and implement with brilliant execution. Whether borrowing equity from a relevant property or creating distinct merchandising, we know proper promotion is fundamental in garnering support for your brand, assembling a devoted consumer base and ultimately driving sales.

We believe creativity lies at the core of every winning strategy. It’s the visual translation of your brand, how consumers interact with it and how it’s brought to life. By combining diverse, inventive thinking, design and communication, through collaboration, we create a unique presence for your brand through a range of mediums, including print, digital, audio and video.

To have an impact in today’s crowded and fast-paced digital world, we recognize you need the most relevant understanding and insight into consumer practices and emerging technologies. Cultivated, nourished and organic content is best received when relevant to (and oftentimes generated by) the consumer. BHSC Global Marketing utilizes Digital and Public Relations to work hand in hand in driving presence across branded platforms. Through aggressive outreach, we create sustainable connections for you.

BHSC Global Marketing takes a holistic approach with experiential marketing to create engaging brand experiences. The unique needs of your business are what determine the activity, interaction and expenditure. No matter the size or scope, we are dedicated to creating programs that delivers brand relevance, consumer engagement and effective results.